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Cloud No. 1

  • Image of Cloud No. 1
  • Image of Cloud No. 1

36 x 36 Oil on Canvas

Water and sky are natural companions. I could spend hours looking at the subtle shapes and patterns we see everyday in the clouds. Look closely into these clouds - what do you see?

Only shipping to the US - if you are international please send me a note and we can chat a bit about shipping internationally (tends to be very expensive).

I will be donating 20% of this sale to Nalukai, a program to help to support design and entrepreneur students in Hawaii - the biggest cost for the program is macbook pros so the students can design and code. These proceeds will help to pay for machines for the students. Students from all over Hawaii apply to be a part of this and only a few are selected. This was started by Darius A Monsef IV and is such an amazing cause.