Marc Hemeon


Hi, my name is Marc Hemeon. I love family, surfing, art and sushi. 

The ocean is a deep part of my life. My family and I spend as much time as we can in the ocean surfing, bodysurfing, paddle boarding, diving and playing.  The ocean is core to our happiness. My art is an attempt to capture this joy and share it with you.

The waves and water I paint are a collection of memories of waves I have surfed and dreams of waves I hope to surf one day.

While I mostly paint oil on canvas now a days, I used to paint a bunch on reclaimed wood.

Here are a few shots of the process of prepping the my reclaimed wood canvases

Step 1: Select just the right pieces

Step 2: Join the pieces and straighten out the wood to become as flat as possible.  

Step 3: Sand and create an even painting surface, but still keep the best qualities of the wood intact

Step 4: Paint!

Step 5: Go Surf!

When not painting, I'm running a company called Design Inc.

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