"The goal of my art is to help you reflect and return to your center. Stress pulls us off course; art returns us to our center."

Marc is an American artist, currently living and working in California. Marc has traveled all over the world to capture the worlds oceans. 

"The movement of water is a powerful reminder of the constant flow and change of life. I rely on the ocean to be my teacher, therapist and mentor — she is no respecter of persons and will serve as a mirror, reflecting all of you back to yourself, even the parts you may not want to see. And just like the greatest of teachers, her most powerful lessons are found in her challenges.

When I paint, I am united with a purpose and inner voice I didn’t know existed. Painting brings me back to my center and gives me peace.

Waves have a very real power, and anyone who has stood on a shoreline or spent some time in the ocean can attest — you feel pulled. In fact, if you listen carefully, you may just hear your own voice reminding you of your purpose.

Storms and chaos capture the ups and downs of life. Peaceful movements of water and waves represent the flow state that every great maker strives toward. I make art to realign you with your center, remind you of your essence, and inspire you to become your truest self."

Prior to painting, Marc had a long career in design and tech working with companies like YouTube, Google and  Facebook along with starting a few of his own tech startups.


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