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Sea Meditation No. 4

  • Image of Sea Meditation No. 4
  • Image of Sea Meditation No. 4
  • Image of Sea Meditation No. 4

Oil on Canvas 72" x 36"

When we dont have any idea where we are going, we move forward in the dark. If we don’t see progress, we use faith and belief that it will. When we try something 10 times in a row and it doesn’t work we are faced with a choice. We can get in our head, talk down to ourselves, take it personally and question what we are doing. Or we can celebrate that we found 10 ways that don’t work and we are that much closer to a breakthrough.

This was exactly my situation with Sea Meditation No. 4. This piece sat in my studio for over a year I would paint over it dislike it and turn it against the wall. Eventually over the holiday break I woke up in the middle of the night with a clear voice in my head “Paint Calm. Create Peace”.

The final work came out effortlessly channeled through knowing it was meant to be in the world.

This piece is unframed. Shipping cost is not included and is the responsibility of the buyer. We will make every effort to get the piece to you in the most affordable way possible.